our approach

Crown Aegis uses both Group and Individual credit lending models.
The Group credit model is adopted for our FEEL -Female Entrepreneur Empowerment Loan product.

The Group Model’s basic philosophy lies in the fact that shortcomings and weaknesses at the individual level are overcome by the collective responsibility and security afforded by the formation of a group of such individuals.

The collective coming together of individual members is used for a number of purposes including educating and awareness building.
We meet our clients in their various business locations thereby bring services closer to them.

Continuous training and orientations

  • Group formation
  • Orientation & Registrations
  • Loan appraisals and disbursments
  • Collection

While we adopt the Individual credit model on our other loan products.

Our continuous training and orientation on business, financial and customer relationship management is
a value addition that we provide for FREE to our esteemed clients.

how can we help you?

Contact us at 2nd Floor, 11 Itire Road, Surulere, Lagos

or submit a business inquiry to info@crownaegisng.com

Crown Aegis is an invaluable partner. Our teams have collaborated to support our growing number of employees using collective impact.

Oladipo W. Simpson
Chairman, Bluewater Corp

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